We help single women of color start dating.

Many women of color are still single well into their 30's and 40's. Date by design offers a tailored process to help women start dating regularly, eliminating the dreadful 'wait' for the right relationship to appear. 



Forget the chase. Forget the wait.

Get great single men to come to you!

The Dating Assistant

time to get the work done for you.

meet more single men without extra effort or adding a thing to your (already) busy schedule.

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Your 4-Step Date by design Process


step 1

increase your confidence

Feeling awkward, unsure of what to do, or fearing men just won't want you, make meeting great men hard. Get strategy and technique to become confident and comfortable around the men you want.


step 2

become less guarded

Vulnerability is hard and the fear of disappointment is real.  Learn to safely let down your guard and optimistically deal with disappointment so you stay emotionally open and ready for incredible men.


step 3

use day-to-day life to attract prospects.

Dating as a busy adult isn't easy.  The key is in learning how to use everyday experiences to attract quality prospects, so you can begin connecting with quality single men in a natural easy way.


step 4

get quality men to ask you out.

Ever connect with a guy and wish he would've asked for your number so you could've seen him again? Learn to get great men to ask you out, so you don't miss an opportunity like this again.



date by design works.

TLM WHY (6).png

she ended a 10+ year single streak.

As a woman who spent over a decade single, I can’t thank you enough! I went from thinking being single was all there was for me to learning how to meet good men regularly.  Now I’m dating a fantastic guy and I can’t believe it!  I’m SO GRATEFUL for you and your work! I finally feel optimistic about my future in love.
— Sebrena

She used our techniques to find her forever love.

Thanks to you I had the courage to approach a guy last year. We started dating and got engaged on New Year’s Day!!!! He proposed at the museum where we met!!! Exactly a year after we became a couple! It was so special. Thank you again for all the resources you provide. I tell all my single friends about you!
— Gennith

she was amazed by how fast her love life turned around.

First, let me just say that Date By Design has changed my life! I followed your suggestions and the result was unbelievable! I made a connection with an amazing man. When he looked at me and said, I’d say this was a good “first date, wouldn’t you agree?” I couldn’t help but smile at his comment, because the purpose of what I’d learned from you was supposed to lead to getting the date. I just didn’t think it would happen so fast!
— Bourgeoisie

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Meet Tiye . . .

Through her practically simple dating courses (The Dating Jumpstart & The Cinderella Factor), thriving Facebook community and entertainingly informative YouTube channel, Tiye inspires an excited, confident, self-affirming sense of "Yes! I really can find love!" for over 20,000 single women of color.  

She proves that by moving away from the stressful notion of "putting yourself out there” and into strategic “action-by-action”, even the most inexperienced, time-starved dater can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, to instead generate exciting momentum as they move closer to meeting and sharing life with Mr. Right.



Real Talk. Real advice.

revive your love life with the girlfriend you didn't even know you missed.