About Date By Design

Dedicated to helping the single Woman of Color flip the script on her dating game ... for good.

Let's get real. 


You're a #boss in every area of you're life ... except the romantic department.

And as much as you want that to change, you're TIRED of the dating game! 

Girl we get it. 

Here at Date by Design we also understand that even the best dating advice doesn't always apply (or work) for the woman of Color.

That's why Date by Design just fits ... here you'll find practical, down-to-earth, tips, techniques, and encouragement that brings the fun and simplicity back to dating.  The best part of the equation is knowing everything is tailored especially for Queens like you!


Date by Design focuses on three main areas of romantic growth:

  1. Finding Him (The Pre-Dating Phase) : This area features the goods on where and how to find high-quality men, how to attract the men you're interested in, how to turn chance encounters into dates, and much, much more.
  2. Dating Him (The Early Dating Phase) : This area features the goods on keeping a guy interested, knowing whether or not he's worth your time, moving from DM to dating, identifying game(s) early enough to walk away unscathed, sparking chemistry-filled conversation, and much, much more.
  3. Mishaps (Common Mistakes) : This area features the goods on the reasons you always attract the wrong guys, why you don't get approached, the wrong way to show your interest, communication no-no's, why the men you're interested in aren't interested in you back, and much, much more.


Date by Design is the premier place for the single woman of Color to flip the script on her dating life, so she can drop the overwhelm, frustration, and fear and finally bring back the fun to dating - and ultimately find the relationship she's tired of waiting for. 

Whether you're stuck in neutral, waiting to find someone worthy to date, or sitting at home analyzing every move that new potential Bae makes, Date by Design has got your back.


ready to lift the fog of singleness? start here ...


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About Tiye

The long-lost girlfriend you didn't even know you missed.

Hey sis, I'm Tiye . . . also known as that girlfriend with the best (and the realest) dating & love advice. You know the kind of friend that sees your relationship faults, lovingly calls you out on your mess, but then give you some dope words of wisdom to do better? Yeah, that's me.

A little over 9 years ago I spent my days as either chronically single (with an absolutely dead love life) or, wasting time with the wrong guys in a series of wrong relationships.

If I'm being real, I was miserable.

I was tired of being alone. I was tired of only being hit on by men twice my age or men even my ghetto'est cousin would run from.  And I was BEYOND tired of ending up in situationships with men I thought I could build something with. 

But the truth is I didn't know how to attract or meet good single men.  And when I did meet someone worthwhile they tended to not be interested or I pushed them away with my 'lack of know-how'.  

After some life changing "HOW THE HELL DID I GET HERE?!" moments I realized my singleness wasn't due to the cray guys I was dating or the lack of  good eligible bachelors in my area.


After some hardcore soul searching, gut checks, and hard truths I started applying the same love advice and dating techniques I'm now so passionate about teaching. And with those newfound tools & insights I took to dating again.

Though not for long.

Once I started dating smart the first guy I dated ... I married.

And I couldn't have designed a better man for me! 8 years of matrimony later we're still blissfully in love.

Dating by Design was the best decision I've ever made! 

And I'd be honored if you let me help you change your dating game so you too can Date by Design!

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